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Return, Refund, Cancellation, and Shipping Policy

Return Policy and Shipping: You may return any item from a particular try-on set you receive through the Service (in accordance with the instructions below and those provided with such try-on set) within (3) days after it is delivered.

  • For free returns, any items must be returned using the pre-paid return label and box provided by Lighthouse Vision, and items must be unworn (other than “tried-on”), in their original condition and include all original tags and packaging.
  • You will be charged for unreturned items.
  • Shipping is not available to all locations.
  • Patients will not be charged fees for shipping or return shipping, except in special circumstances (where we will give you advance notice).
  • All items you receive through the Service will be shipped by a third-party carrier.
  • Patients are not responsible for loss or damage of items while in confirmed possession of a third-party carrier.

Prices, Fees, and Billing: More information on charges, fees and payments is provided above.

To receive a try-on set, you will be required to provide Lighthouse Vision with information regarding your credit card or other payment instrument. You represent and warrant to Lighthouse Vision that such information is true and that you are authorized to use the payment instrument. You will promptly update your account information with any changes (for example, a change in your billing address or credit card expiration date) that may occur.

You agree to pay Lighthouse Vision try-on/styling fee and other the charges incurred in accordance with this Terms of Service. You hereby authorize Lighthouse Vision to bill your payment instrument in accordance with this Terms of Service until you terminate your account, and you further agree to pay any charges so incurred.

If you dispute any charges, you must let Lighthouse Vision know within thirty (30) days after the date that Lighthouse Vision bills you. The current price for each item will appear on the website and/or the packing materials along with the try-on set, when shipped to you. We may change the price we charge for a particular item (although the price of an item shipped to you will not change before the applicable try-on period is over). We reserve the right to institute fees for any portion of the Service, but if we do, we will provide notice of the change before your next try-on set is shipped. Your continued use of the Service after the fee change becomes effective constitutes your agreement to pay the changed amount. You shall be responsible for all taxes associated with the Services other than U.S. taxes based on net income (e.g., sales).