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Get Relief from Headaches with Neurolens  

Eyeglass lenses have traditionally been all about sharpening your vision, but there’s so much more to our eyes’ needs.  

Headaches, blurry vision, double vision, and eye strain  

Many of us aren’t just struggling to see clearly. We’re dealing with fluctuating blurry and double vision, eyes that feel dry and look red, nagging neck and back pain, and the big one—constant headaches.  

And guess what’s contributing to this? All the screen time! Adults and children are spending hours each day in front of digital devices, which leads to eye strain. When you’re in front of digital devices, your eyes are constantly adjusting and realigning to keep everything in focus and to prevent double vision.  

Try a quick experiment: relax your eyes for a moment, and they’ll naturally defocus and look straight ahead. It’s their break time. But when we’re staring at screens for hours, those eye muscles don’t get a break, leading to pain that can result in headaches and even affect our neck and shoulders, thanks to the trigeminal nerve’s vast network. 

Get relief from headaches and eye strain with Neurolens in Milford, CT 

At Lighthouse Vision, we offer Neurolens as an innovative solution for headaches, eye strain, and other related symptoms. No more endless doctor visits and wasted money trying to find relief. With Neurolens, you can finally get the relief you deserve and enhance your quality of life. Tailored just for you, Neurolenses adapt their prescription based on how your eyes move and focus, providing clear and comfortable vision throughout the day. They’re designed using an advanced system that assesses your eyes in various positions, ensuring you get the perfect fit.  

At Lighthouse Vision in Milford, CT, we perform a quick Neurolens measurement test during your eye exam. The test is non-invasive and pain-free. We’ll analyze your eye movements and determine if there is any misalignment. The lenses are then custom-made for your eyes and visual needs. If you’re tired of battling eye strain and discomfort, contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about Neurolens.