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Preparing for a Successful School Year: The Benefits of a Back-to-School Eye Exam 

Aug 1, 2023 | Children's Eye Care, Eye Health Info

As the new school year approaches, parents are busy with back-to-school preparations. While shopping for supplies and organizing schedules are important, one essential task that should not be overlooked is scheduling a back-to-school eye exam for your child. In this blog post, we will share the benefits of back-to-school eye exams and why they are essential for academic success. 

1. Improve academic performance 

Nearly 80% of what a child learns in school is through their vision. If a child has an unresolved vision problem, it may affect their academic performance. A comprehensive eye exam will help identify any vision issues that can impact their learning. For example, if your child is having difficulty focusing or reading letters on the board, they may have an undiagnosed vision problem. Early detection and treatment of vision problems will help your child perform better in school, ultimately leading to academic success. 

2. Early detection of eye conditions 

A comprehensive eye exam is not just to check vision. It is also an opportunity to identify and treat eye conditions such as binocular vision disorder, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and visual processing issues. These conditions may not be detected during a vision screening or standard eye exam performed by a pediatrician. Identifying these issues during childhood can help prevent vision problems in adulthood and ensures prompt treatment. 

3. Better sports performance 

Many kids participate in sports both during and after school hours. Good vision is essential for sports performance as it affects hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and judgment of distance. Eye exams help ensure that your child’s vision is optimal for sports activities. Getting an eye exam is especially crucial if your child plays high-impact sports, such as football or basketball, which have a higher risk of eye injuries. 

4. Boost confidence and self-esteem 

Children who cannot see well may feel insecure or frustrated, leading to lower self-esteem and confidence. You can help improve your child’s vision and ultimately boost their self-esteem and confidence by scheduling an eye exam. As a result of better vision, they may feel more confident in social situations, participate in class discussions, and tackle new challenges that may have previously been intimidating. 

5. Establishing good eye health habits 

As children grow, their vision can change over time, requiring regular eye exams to maintain good eye health. A back-to-school eye exam is an excellent opportunity to establish good eye health habits in your child, ensuring they understand the importance of eye care and making it a priority in their lives. Teaching children the importance of eye health early on can also help prevent vision problems in the future. 

As the new school year approaches, take the opportunity to schedule a pediatric eye exam for your child. It will provide peace of mind that your child is starting the school year with good eye health and vision. Contact us today at Lighthouse Vision in Milford to book your child’s back-to-school eye exam!